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Adobe Kuler Color Wheel

This website is an interactive color wheel. The options for the color wheel allow you to try your hand at pairing colors in various color schemes, such as analogous, monochromatic, complementary and more.

Choose the Right Chart Type for Your Data

This page is a helpful guide to choosing a chart for your data. With this guide, you can see which chart to use depending on whether you want to show comparison, relationship, composition or distribution.


Coblis – Color Blindness Simulator

Coblis is a website that demonstrates the different types of colorblindness. There is a sample picture already on the site, or you can upload your own images. The site shows red-blind, green-weak, blue cone monochromacy, and many other types of colorblindness.


Creative Commons Search Page

Creative Commons is a collection of media sites, with a search tool. This page allows you to search for free images, videos and music that can be used for commercial uses, or that can be modified, adapted and built upon. When looking through results, be sure you check for the type of CC license.


Demonstration/Visual Aid Speech Tips

This is a website dedicated to visual aid tips. These tips include what to do before your speech to make sure your visual aid is prepared, and what to do during your speech to make sure your visual aid is as effective as possible.


How to Make Good Presentations

This site offers tips to consider while creating your visual aids. The site also includes guidelines for preparing and presenting posters and slideshows.


Life After Death by Powerpoint, by Don McMillan

Don McMillan is a stand-up comedian that makes funny but helpful observations about PowerPoint presentations. His four minute routine includes topics like spelling errors, font and data usage, color combinations and animation.


Page Layout Design

This website is a tutorial that explains how to set up an effective page layout. It starts by explaining what grids are and why you should use them. The page then explains how to use grids, and how to break out of using them when necessary.


Rules of Visual Aids

Rules of Visual Aids is a short but informative page on what to do, and what not to do, with your visual aid. The page has eight quick tips to consider, and also a “cautionary tale” about PowerPoint.


Thinking With Type

Thinking With Type is a website that discusses the different aspects of type such as the letter, the text, the grid and extras. Within those categories there are subcategories. For instance, you can read about the classification and families of letters, or you can read about single columned or multicolumned grids.


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