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After Dinner Speech Guidelines for Special Occasions

This site is a guide to after dinner speeches. It covers the history of after dinner speeches, the purpose and goal of an after dinner speech, and the speech components. It also talks about how to use humor properly in an after dinner speech.


Commencement Addresses

The purpose of this page is to explain the importance of commencement, and how to make a commencement address. The site offers a list of great commencement speeches given between 1936 and 2013. 



Graduation Wisdom

Graduation Wisdom is a page dedicated to commencement speeches and quotes. This includes a list of great speeches, a list of commencement speakers scheduled for this year, and a list of topics you can use for your own commencement speech.




Presentational Speaking: Special Occasion Speeches

St. Edward’s University offers information on using vivid language in your speech. This page also offers tips on writing an introductory speech and a special occasion speech.




Public Speaking: International Perspective on Humor

This website explains how to properly use humor with a global audience. The site gives examples of what could go wrong if you are not fully prepared, and it gives examples of differences in humor between US culture and other cultures around the world.




Slide Share: Special Occasion Speeches

This slideshare presentation is about the different types of special occasion speeches. Here you can find tips on introduction speeches, presentation speeches, acceptance speeches, tributes, and speeches to entertain.




Special Occasion Speeches

On this page, Dr. Michael L. Kent writes about ten different kinds of special occasion speeches. Some of these types include a farewell speech, a dedication speech and a commemorative speech.




Special Occasion Speeches: The fundamentals of giving a great speech!

There are four sections on this page to help you with your special occasion speech. The page starts with a tutorial video and an excerpt from a chapter, and then discusses how to give a great speech.




Special Occasion Speech Topics

This page is a checklist to help you set up your special occasion speech. The main page is guide to the information that should go into your speech. On the left side of the page there are also links that talk about more specific special occasion speeches, like a ceremonial, wedding or funeral speech.




Tips for Special Occasions

On this page, Toastmasters International offers tips on presenting an award, accepting an award and writing a eulogy. Links can also be found on the top of the page, and the left side of the page, that lead to other helpful sites on writing a speech.




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