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554 Good Persuasive Speech Topics

My Speech Class is a very helpful site if you are having trouble coming up with a persuasive speech topic. The website offers 253 speech topics right away, and another 301 if you share the site on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

A General Summary of Aristotle's Appeals

Aristotle defined three main forms of rhetoric: ethos, logos and pathos. This page discusses those three forms, and offers helpful websites for further reading.


Lecture Notes

These notes offer insight on the methods of persuasion, and the patterns of organization for persuasive speaking. The page also describes the three focuses of persuasion: fact, policy and value.


Pathos, Ethos, Logos

This website provides definitions and examples for pathos, ethos and logos. It also provides example speeches with each of these three persuasive tactics.


Persuasive Speech

Here, Speech Guru offers the definition, characteristics, structure and requirements for a persuasive speech. At the bottom of the page, there is also a list of fifteen example persuasive speeches.


Persuasive Speech Tips

This page is a guide to writing a persuasive speech. The page defines persuasive speeches, explains the methods of persuasion, and discusses Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.


Social Psychology

This study guide for social psychology covers the main points of persuasion. The guide covers the persuasive message, the persuasive speaker and the persuaded audience, and goes on to explain why we can or cannot be persuaded.


Speaking to Persuade

The Persuasive Outline found in this downloadable document covers the three focuses of persuasive speaking, which are fact, policy and value. The outline also explains the various patterns of organization, and it talks about meeting ethical obligations while speaking in public.


Slide Share: Speaking to Persuade

This slideshare presentation offers 36 slides of information on persuasive speaking. The slides cover different degrees of persuasion, different types of persuasive speeches, and Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.


Toulmin’s Analysis

Owlet is an online learning center that created this page to describe Toulmin’s Method. The site first explains the three main parts of an argument: claim, data and warrant. It then talks about the other aspects of Toulmin’s Methods, which include the qualifier, the rebuttal and the backing.


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