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American Rhetoric

American Rhetoric is a website that contains a speech bank of more than 5,000 speeches, along with their audio and video versions. The site also contains a link to the top 100 speeches throughout history.


Visit this page to get a better understanding of axiology. This site explains the difference between value and values, and it explains what formal axiology is.

Benefits of Public Speaking

This is a short page on how public speaking can improve your life. The page talks about personal benefits, professional benefits, cultural benefits and more.

The Communication Process & The Elements of Communication

This page provides an explanation of each element of the communication process. Some of the topics you can read about are the medium, the channel, the receiver and the feedback.


Cultural and Worldview Frames

Here is an in-depth look at what worldview is, and how it affects communication. This website talks about how you can improve problem solving skills by identifying your worldview, and how you can address the underlying layers of your values and beliefs.



In the six sections of information on this page, Stanford’s Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines and explains epistemology. The site talks about knowledge and justification, and the sources and structures of each.


Models of Communication

Here is a quick guide to the different models of communication. This page offers a definition, an explanation and a diagram of each.

Some of the Benefits You Can Gain

The Association of Speakers Club wrote this page on the different benefits you receive from improving your public speaking skills. Benefits include greater confidence, greater communication skills and a more professional demeanor in business.


What is Praxeology?

Visit this page for a better understanding of praxeology. The author talks about the definition of praxeology, and gives a background on Ludwig Von Mises.


What is Ontology?

Visit this page for a closer look at ontology. The page defines ontology, and then talks about where the term came from.


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