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5 Speech Conclusion Strategies Streamlined

The Speech Topics Help article offers five tips on how to write an interesting, powerful conclusion. Some of these tips include closing with a dramatic but appropriate statement, restating the connection between your audience and your thesis, and summarizing the main points.

Attention Getters

If you are having trouble coming up with an attention getter, this website is for you. It offers eight tips to improve your introduction, including things like interjecting humor or relating to an anecdote.



This is one of our favorite sites to search for quotations by author or subject.  Includes celebrity quotes too.


Effective Introductions

In the Eazy-Peazy Guide to Effective Writing, Dr. John starts by giving general tips on effective introductions. He then writes about the different kinds of introductions, such as the argumentative introduction, the provocative introduction, and the question introduction.


Example Introduction and Conclusion

USC uses this page to show two example introductions, and one example conclusion. USC also identifies the strong points and weak points of each entry.


How to Begin and End a Speech

This Suite 101 article explains how to effectively write an introduction and a conclusion. The article first defines what effective introductions and conclusions are, and then goes on to identify the objectives of each.


Principles of Public Speaking: Blueprint for Speaking Success

This website is a guide to planning a compelling conclusion. It covers four main components of writing a conclusion, and also offers a column of extra tips.


Step 6: Write the Introduction

Visit this website for help writing any part of your introduction. This site has a section for the introduction, the different types of “grabbers”, and the thesis statement.


Speech Writing: Introduction and Conclusion

This slideshare presentation offers tips on how to make your introduction and conclusion as impressive as possible. Some of the tips include previewing and reviewing your main points, and being enthusiastic and concise.


Thesis Statements

Here you can find help with writing a thesis statement. This page covers the different types of thesis statements, and how to write one.


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