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4 Types of Informative Speaking

To write an effective informative speech, it is helpful to know what kind of topic you are writing about. This site covers speeches about objects, processes, events and concepts.

317 Interesting Informative Speech Ideas and Topics

If you are struggling to think of an informative speech topic, this website can help. You will find 125 topics listed on the front page, and you can access 192 more by liking the page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.



If you are having trouble coming up with an attention getter, this website is for you. It offers eight tips to improve your introduction, including things like interjecting humor or relating to an anecdote.


Demonstration Speech Ideas

This website offers 200 demonstrative speech ideas. Some of these ideas include how to sign for the deaf, how to stuff a turkey, and how to plan a wedding.


Four Types of Informative Speeches

This page defines the four types of informative speeches. These types include descriptive, report (definitional), explanatory and instructive (demonstrative).


How to Establish Credibility as a Public Speaker

This is a quick guide to becoming a more credible speaker. Some of the five tips offered are to show confidence, to dress appropriately and to share your personal experience.


How to Prepare an Informative Speech

The Suite 101 article “How to Prepare an Informative Speech” starts by defining informative speaking, and explaining the value of informative speaking skills. The article then goes on to describe the four types of informative speeches, which can be about an object, a process, an event or a concept.


Informative Speaking

This writing guide covers the main points of informative speaking. The content guide includes links that help with selecting and researching your topic, and also links that explain the purposes and types of informative speeches.


Informative Speech Outline Worksheet

This handout will allow you to sketch out the body of your informative speech.


Your Audience Always Wants to Know, “What’s in it for me?”

Visit this page for a better understanding of the WIIFM concept. The page provides three ways you can ensure your audience will feel like there is something in it for them.


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