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chapter 18 web resources compiled by julia schmutz

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10 Tips for Improving Group Presentations

This is a short article on 10 lessons to consider when working on a group presentation. Some of these lessons include hooking the audience in at the beginning, utilizing the visual aids well, and paying attention to each other.

Debatabase: A World of Great Debates

Debatabase is a site where people can debate and discuss different topics. This is useful for refining your debate skills, or for finding a topic to debate in your own group.


Effective Group Presentations

This article offers five quick tips on how to work better in a group. Some of these tips include picking someone to be in charge, planning out who will say what, and ending the presentation with the strongest speaker.


Effective Meetings

If working in a group, this website is a helpful guide that explains how to make the most out of your meetings. The front page lists different aspects of meetings, like planning, presenting and productivity, and it provides links to further reading on each topic.


Google Docs

Google provides this service as a way for groups to contribute to projects as a team. The documents, slide show presentations, and spreadsheets all update in real time as group members work on the project.


Group Spaces

Group Spaces is a website designed for group leaders to stay connected with their group, and it offers specifically designed sections for clubs, sports teams, charities and hobby groups. Group Spaces is a good way to share information, set up email groups, and store files.


How to Not Suck at a Group Presentation

Here are eleven tips on how to make your group presentation more effective. Some of these tips include being memorable, showing a lot of enthusiasm and keeping it simple.

Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises & Initiatives

On this page, The Wilderdom provides a collection of links to group exercises and activities. These activities can lead to fun, team building and group bonding, and they make very effective ice breakers.



On SlideShare, people from around the world upload their presentations, documents and videos to the database. As a user, you can join 60 million people in viewing these presentations, or you can upload your own.


Social Psychology

This study guide for social psychology talks about group behavior. It also explains different types of personalities, and how they work together.


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