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chapter 12 web resources compiled by julia schmutz

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

This website is a quick list of techniques for delivering your speech with confidence. Some of these techniques include knowing your material, knowing the audience, and realizing that people want you to succeed.

American Rhetoric

American Rhetoric is a website that contains a speech bank of more than 5,000 speeches, along with their audio and video versions. The site also contains a link to the top 100 speeches throughout history.


Communicating Credibility

This PDF booklet examines the impact of stance, gestures, movement, pauses, and eye contact on a speaker’s credibility.


Delivering Your Speech

This is a good overview on delivering a speech effectively. Here you will read about using your notes, using platform movement and being aware of your speaking rate.


Methods of Delivery

Here you will find the different types of speech delivery. Those types include manuscript, memorization, impromptu and extemporaneous.


Nonverbal Delivery Tips

Visit this website for a great guide on how to improve your nonverbal delivery during a speech. The guide describes staying relaxed, paying attention to the positioning of your body and keeping your eyes off your notes.


Nonverbal Elements of Delivery

This pdf will tell you about the many elements of nonverbal delivery. Some of these elements include eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and more.


Speech Delivery

In this pdf you will find many different tips on how to make sure your speech delivery is smooth and effective. Here you will find physical delivery, vocal delivery, pictures and diagrams.


Ten Things to Check before Your Presentation

For Dummies provides a checklist for things to consider before the day of your speech. To ensure you are completely prepared, this article encourages you to check things like the sound system, the lighting and the seating arrangement.


Vocal Delivery

Here you will find descriptions of the different aspects of vocal delivery. Some of the topics covered include rate, volume and pitch.


Warm Up Your Voice

Visit this site to learn how to warm up your voice before a speech. The site also tells you how to maintain your voice in general, to stay healthy and prepared for your next speech.


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