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chapter 11 web resources compiled by julia schmutz

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CBT Techniques, Part 1:  Cognitive Restructuring

Visit this website for a better understanding of cognitive restructuring. The site starts with an overview on cognitive restructuring, and then offers examples of cognitive distortions.

How to Overcome Nervousness Before a Speech

This Suite 101 article offers tips about how to become more confident and overcome stage fright. These tips include being aware of your diet, dressing comfortably, getting comfortable with your material, and remembering to enjoy yourself.


Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Breathing Exercises

This website describes the physiological effects of anxiety, and how breathing will help reduce stress. The site also offers specific exercises to decrease anxiety.


The Personal Frame of Reference

This slide show will help you better understand frame of reference, and how it affects your perceptions. The document describes the concept, model and theory of frame of reference.


Public Speaking Anxiety

Here you will find an explanation of public speaking anxiety, and steps you can take to overcome this anxiety. The site also includes a table of thought patterns and ways to change your attitude.


Speech Preparation #8: How to Practice Your Presentation

This article provides tips on the best ways to prepare for your presentations. The article explains why you should practice, how to rehearse and how to get feedback.


Strategies and Exercises to Build Public Speaking Confidence

If you can’t seem to shake the pre-speech jitters, try these ten tips. This guide encourages you to be aware of internal dialogue, to be prepared for the “what-ifs”, and to try to see the situation as a positive.


Systematic Desensitization

Here is a quick guide to systematic desensitization. The article talks about the hierarchy of fear, different relaxation techniques and a critical evaluation of systematic desensitization.


Tips for Public Speaking

This website offers 9 tips that will help you become a more confident, conversant speaker. Some of these tips include being yourself, loving the audience and dressing sharply.


What is Communication Apprehension?

Visit this page for a closer look at communication apprehension (CA). This page offers an explanation of the physiological symptoms of CA, and it debunks myths associated with CA.


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