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 chapter 4

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about the author
jenn goddu Jenn Q, Goddu, M.A., M.F.A.  
current city: hometown:
Charlotte, NC Toronto Ontario

Smith Collge University of

Western Ontario

Queens University of Charlotte

  activities / interests:  
  Reading, soccer, writing
  favorite book:  
  Fifth Business by Robertson Davies
  favorite movie:

The Princess Bride

  Why did you study communication?
  What is more important than knowing how to communicate well? No matter what I choose to do in life, I will have the foundational skills I need to succeed.
  why is your chapter important?  

Listening is a life skill critical in every aspect of our lives. This will help people listen to public speakers, listen in class, listen in their personal lives, and listen at work.

  what do you value most in a relationship?.
  what punctuation mark best describes your personality? why?

The em dash -- which I use all of the time -- because I always have some aside or added comment I want to add to make people laugh.

  who would you like to play you if your life story was made into a movie?

Sandra Bullock


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