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 chapter 9

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about the author
warren sandmann Warren Sandmann, Ph.D.

current city: hometown:
Mankato, MN Sleepy Eye, MN

Minnesota State University - Mankato & University of Iowa  
  favorite quotation:  
  "The code is more what you would call guidelines than actual rules." Captain Hector Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean.

reading, soccer, jazz

  favorite song:  
  Midnight Sun by Ella Fitzgerald  
  favorite book:  
  Memory, Sorrow, and Thorne trilogy by Tad Williams  
  why did you study communication?  

I chose to study communication because I like to talk and argue, am very opinionated, and think rhetoric really does shape reality -- and because I would rather grade speeches than essays.

  why is your chapter important?  

I tell my students repeatedly, if you structure your introduction well, the rest of the speech is just filling in the blanks. And then the conclusion just follows naturally.

  what punctuation mark best describes your personality?
  A semi colon because it seperates two independent clauses and independent clauses stand on their own merit.
  what is set as the background on your computer?

A picture of my son leaping into the air and heading a ball at the Minnesota State High School League state soccer tournament in 2011.

  If you had a "theme song" that played whenever you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?

The Ride of the Rohirrim from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.


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