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 chapter 18

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about the author
jennifer wood

Jennifer F. Wood, Ph.D.


current city: hometown:
Lancaster, PA Kansas City, MO

Bowling Green State University

Webster University

Rockhurst College

  favorite quotation:  
  "Where you will be in life two years from now will be based on the books you read and the people you associate with."
  reading, travelling, music, teaching, baking, success  
  favorite books:  

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

  why did you study communication?  

I enjoy being a "wordsmith" or crafting words together for meaning.

  why is your chapter important?  

Every individual needs to develop healthy professional and casual group communication skills. We all end up representing others beyond ourselves. Let's all improve what we say and how we say it!

  what do you value most in a relationship?

COMMUNICATION and Quality Time (Read the five love languages by Gary Chapman)

  You win a million dollars, but you have to give half to charity? What charity would you pick and what would you do with the other half?
  I would give the first half to a series of ministries (Bill Winston, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer and Jerry Savelle). The other half would be used to buy two homes - one in San Diego and one in Orlando.
  What is the best gift anyone has ever given you?
  God gave His only Son - Jesus Christ!

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