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 chapter 3

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about the authors

Alyssa G. Millner, Ph.D.

alyssa millner

Rachel D. Price, Ph.D.

rachel price

current cities:  
Knoxville,TN Lexington, KY
Little Rock, AK Farina, IL

University of Central Arkansas, University of Arkansas at Little Rock & University of Kentucky

Southern Illinois University & University of Kentucky

  favorite quotations:  

A.G.M. ~ "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." ~ Ben Franklin

R.D.P. ~ "The answers that we find are never what we had in mind so we make it up as we go along." ~ Nine Days


reading, hiking, travelling, and singing in my car

reading, following politics and current events
  favorite books:  
  The Fountainhead Litle Women
  why did you study communication?  

A.G.M. ~ I study communication becuase it is foundational to the human experience. Everything that we do personally and professionally hinges on effective communication.

R.D.P. ~ I chose to study communication because I was originally interested in pursuing a career in public relations. After realizing the importance of communication in so many areas of our lives, it became much more relevant to me, so I decided to pursue the study of how to identify and "fix" communication problems.

  why is your chapter important?  

A.G.M. ~ Understanding the ethical implications of oral and written communication is essential for being a trustworthy person.

R.D.P. ~ Ethics and diversity are important in all aspects of communication. To me, an unethical speaker is the one who loses in a communication setting. This chapter identifies the different ways speakers can be ethical and provides suggestions for improving ethics and diversity in public speaking.

  What is your favorite way to waste time at work?  
  Pandora and Google music because I love discovering new artists. Gabbing with my colleagues about politics and celebrity gossip
    What is set as the background on your computer?
  Where is the most amazing travel destination you have ever been to and why? A picture of my beautiful daughter playing in the yard. :)
  One summer I spent a month in Thailand - teaching English in local schools and rebuilding homes that were destroyed in the 2004 tsunami. It was an incredible experience to be with my friends and serve the beautiful Thai people.



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